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SERENDIPITY 2018: Meet Sally Rogers

October 9, 2018

Anne Cocquyt, Founder of the Guild, sat down with Sally Rogers to learn more about her story and what she has planned for SERENDIPITY 2018!

Check out their conversation, then make your plans to meet Sally in person this October 26 + 27 at SERENDIPITY 2018.

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Building Something House: Go To Market

Saturday, October 27th, 9:00-12:00 pm 

 From Growing Your Idea to Growing Your Audience”, we’re going to cover how to take products and ideas to market, and then how to effectively promote them to grow your audience. We’ll discuss what to do when you just have an idea, how to achieve product-market fit, and how you identify and then grow the audience of your product. You’ll immediately have a chance to test what we’ve discussed, so bring your business or product ideas and a willingness to share and learn!